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Hi terumo, thanks for your reply.

So i managed to get the installer to come back and check.
They showed me that the system's total current is 8.4A indicated on the outdoor panel. So when we turn on 1unit, the ampere reading was 2.96ish. We then turn on all 3 units and the amp reading climbed to 8 sometimes hitting 9A.

The R410a pressure was 120psi when we started the 1st unit then slowly climb to around 148psi after we turned on all 3 fcus.

He then used a laser pointer temperature reader to check the
FCU temp. At 24 setting, the temp measured started at 23 deg and went down to 20 after few mins. We then lowered the temp from 24 to 20 and it reported 19. I then ask him to set at 18 and we finally able to achieve 16 at the coil.

He showed me moisture (sweating) forming from the outdoor unit. He also told me that different brands of aircon blow out air choppy vs smooth so we might experience it as stronger or weaker airflow.

So in summary, he advised me to try setting at 21 instead of sticking with 24 and see if it improves. if not i can request for daikin engineers to come down to verify and write a report of the system.

Im still debating if i should call Daikin to come down and verify. Warranty card havent sent yet.
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