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A colleague and I were chatting about air-con and so happens we are both using Mitsubishi so we were talking about settings.

His fan speed is always 3 which is the max (1 is minimum) and his temperature is about 26 degrees. He claims that the fan speed must be high if not will have "condensation". But because fan speed is max so he sets it to 26 degrees if not he said he will find it too cold if fan speed 3 and is 25 or 24 degrees.

I spoke about this to a relative and she has the opposite to say. She claims that fan speed should not set to max if not fan will spoil very fast and that is when you will hear the rattling noise. According to her, fan speed should set at medium (I guess that's 2 for Mitsubishi) and if its too warm should lower the temp to 24, 23 or even 22 degrees.

Now I'm confused. Who is correct? Is it true if fan speed set to max it will spoil faster? Or is it true if fan speed set too low will have condensation?

And what is the best combo? High fan speed with warmer temp? Low fan speed with colder temp? Or high fan speed with colder temp? I don't want my room to freeze but then again if I can't feel the cold air, then what's the point of an air-con in the first place.
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