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To the_king,
All inverter system uses single compressor now. Only non-inverter have 2/dual compressor system.

For sys 2 invertor, i will suggest Mit Electric/Panasonic due to quality and value for money.

thank you for the advise.

can i ask you one last thing?

i ask court today he told me for their extended warranty for the circuit board cover only 3 year and the rest of the parts cover 5 warranty as in 1+4 warranty. the saleman also told no company can provide a 5 year warranty(extended warranty) on the circuit board. not sure how true is this

i when over to gain city. they told me their circuit board and all other parts for aircon cover 5 year(as in extended warranty). but i ask them to show me the T&C( circuit board) he is unable to show me and keep insisting the circuit board have 5 year warranty?

can advise on this?

thanks a lot for all the help and advise

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