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Anyone who owns a pair of AT headphones/earphones (or more!) are welcome to join in the discussion

@Haonan: Goldlink interconnects! I was looking for them high and low but AT SEA doesn't bring them in at all

Finally finished setting up my desktop rig - MBA -> AudioQuest Forest USB -> Musical Fidelity V-Link II -> AudioQuest Forest Optical -> AT-HA26D -> W1000/W1000X/ESW11

Listening to Ace Combat 6 sound tracks and Hatsune Miku (e.g. Tell Your World, Bad Apple etc.) is simply wonderful with the W1000X Using the W1000 more for artistes like Rurutia, Olivia Ong etc. Have yet to try classical on them yet.

Also chiong a couple of AT headphone stands directly from AT office today. Still wondering why Stereo stopped selling them???
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