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PlusSound Audio Cables - Quality Price, Persuasive Sound!

I would say i am pretty new to IEMs with detachable cables, i previously owned a few other IEMs like S4, moshi clarus, Sennheiser sports in ear series. 3 weeks ago, i took the plunged and bought Heir Audio 4Ai. Overall i can say i am quite happy with the sound but something was missing. I had mixed thoughts regarding how much a cable can change the sound quality. i did some researched, and found a decent price hybrid ( copper+silver/gold) from PlusSound Audio which might have the sound signature that i wanted. i met up with a fellow forum member who was selling it (Chesterljh) he let me audition it. He was patient with me (new to cables), explained how different materials brings about different sound sigs, how to look at the cables and also intro-ed me quite a few. Great customer service and also after sales service! he allowed me to change the cable to others if i wasn't happy with it ( i bought it on the spot ).

At first glance, the cable looks sturdy, and well made, the pins were not flimsy like the stock cable and quite firm actually. (Sound wise is based on my own opinion, we have different ears so how i feel about the sound may or will be different from yours, and i don't really know how to describe very well so these are just some thoughts). The treble were more 'focused', the bass were a tad more 'firm', at first listen i wouldn't say its much different compared to stock, but after a bit more 'burn in' time (maybe is placebo effect, who knows) it does sound more different.

Its like having speakers in my ears. Bass was more impactful and treble was still crystal clear, like i am sitting just 2-3 rows away from the stage ( not sure if this is called sound staging). It improves clarity and also instrument separation (can differentiate). As far as i am concern, its a definite upgrade from stock, i have yet to try out the renowned whiplash/toxic cables, maybe in the near future. I would recommend anyone to give it a try, price wise its worth the money (quality to cost ratio is good), not as expensive as whiplash or toxic. (not commenting on their sound quality as i have not tried them)

Ergonomics - 9/10
Tangle resistance - 10/10 ( never tangled despite all the curls )
Memory effect - 8/10 (the ear area does retain the "curve" shaped, but the main wire below the splitter does not have the memory effect although i keep it coiled up whenever i am not using it)
Build quality - 10/10 ( very sturdy )

Their website - plusSound - In-Ear Monitor IEM Custom Cables - Ultimate Ears, Shure, Westone, Sennheiser, Etymotic, M-Audio, UE Customs, JH Audio, 1964 Ears, Unique Melody, Earsonics, Kozee, Stage 93, Aurisonics, Heir Audio, Compact Monitors, Cosmic Ears, Future Son
(They are doing cables for UM too!)
You could also find Chesterljh for audition! i am sure he will be happy to help ^^

P.S - I don't sell or trade any of these cables!
(Please note, what i written above is just my opinion) ^_^
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