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Unhappy hdb news

not a very good news for motorists, u can expect more stingent carpark wardens.

Fm ST, JULY 31, 2003

Private firms to patrol HDB carparks

THE next time you get a ticket from a traffic warden at a Housing Board carpark, it may not be one from the HDB.

The board has outsourced these services in the eastern and western parts of Singapore.

From Tuesday, these carparks will be patrolled by wardens from either building management company Premas International or Chubb Singapore, which provides a range of security services.

The HDB will continue to send out formal notices to motorists to settle their fines, as well as handle all payments and appeals.

According to a spokesman, the outsourcing is part of the HDB's recent restructuring exercise where 2,630 staff opted for 'early retirement' under the Government's Special Resignation Scheme.

About 200 of them were from the carparks division.

They will leave the organisation on Tuesday when the private operators take over, said the HDB in a statement issued yesterday.

This will leave behind 430 enforcement officers.

Wardens from Premas International will patrol 110,000 parking lots in the west, while those from Chubb Singapore will take charge of 101,000 parking lots in the eastern part of Singapore.

The areas were assigned by the HDB after a tender exercise, said a spokesman for Premas.

She added that the company, which has experience in carpark management, will deploy about 80 wardens.

Parking charges and fines will remain the same.

According to its latest annual report, the HDB collected $42 million in parking fines between April 2001 and March last year.

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