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Wink new way to dry your laundry

wonder how would it looks like? :rolleyes:

Fm ST, 1st Aug 2003

Safer way to dry laundry

HANGING out the clothes should be a breeze for those moving into Housing Board flats that will be ready next year.

A new feature lets residents hang their laundry on metal railings an arm's length from, and parallel to, the parapet wall.

Since 1999, 51 maids here have died in accidents, many of which are believed to have happened while they were hanging out clothes or cleaning windows.

The HDB will install the new drying facility in the 40-storey blocks being built at Toa Payoh and Queenstown. These will be ready next year and in 2005.

It will also be available at three build-to-order contracts tendered this year, one at Sengkang and two at Punggol.

Asked if all new flats will have the facility, an HDB spokesman said it is suitable only if there is 'a reasonably long area for hanging laundry parallel to the building facade'.

However, he pointed out that all HDB flats built since 1995 have 'improved' drying systems, where external racks support both ends of the bamboo poles for clothes.

Those living in older flats slated for the HDB's Main Upgrading Programme can opt for this feature.

Flat owners such as Mrs A. Menon, who feels it 'can be a struggle' with the older facility, welcome the improvements.

But younger flat owners, such as marketing manager Chan Aileng, 29, say the new facility 'makes little difference' as many of them use dryers.


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