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Lifts in some HDB estates have cameras

Fm ST, 04 AUg 2003

Lifts in some HDB estates have cameras

I REFER to Mr Pang Seng Kwang's letter, 'Eye on the elderly' (ST, July 30).

Currently, closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are installed in lifts and lift landing areas in some neighbourhoods, for example, the Bukit Merah and Bedok housing estates. Police will continue to work with the Housing Board and the respective town councils to explore the use of CCTVs to deter crime in lifts and lift landing areas, where necessary.

Opportunities for robbers and thieves would also be reduced greatly if members of the public are vigilant and practise crime prevention measures.

They should stay alert to their surroundings and adopt the following measures:

Be wary of strangers loitering at lift landings or void decks

Avoid wearing expensive jewellery or carrying large sums of cash when going out alone

When returning home late, arrange for a relative or friend to escort you

If taking the lift alone, stand beside the lift control panel. Press the 'door open' button to leave if any stranger rushes in. If you feel uncomfortable, exit at the next lift landing.

Assistant Director,
Media Relations (Covering)
Singapore Police Force


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