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hey VQ... just some feedback for u.

came home with a new router, a RT-N66U to upgade over my 56U. Realized I had to get VQ to change the MAC address binding from my old router because the Zhone is in bridged mode.

Your guy Earl, was extremely helpful, we troubleshooted together from 9pm to 1:30am. Apparently, your server side was issuing duplicate MAC addresses and causing conflicts for some reason.

Just one feedback for your CS, this happens a lot with the big 3, so i hope it doesn't with you guys, he kept promising to call back within 5, or 10 mins, and each time it took 45-50 mins.. I think managing customer's expectations 101 means u promise them maybe 1 hour, and call back in 45 mins. that would be a lot better in terms of delivering and doesn't cost you guys anything extra.

it also means i could have done a lot of other things in the multiple instances i was waiting for him to call back 5-10 mins time.

still, to get something like that resolved within 3-4 hours is unheard of from any other telco, kudos to VQ, and to Earl from your CS for his perseverance.

Thanks again
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