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On top of that, do I need to pay SQ any 'processing fees' for redeeming miles?
Technically, there is no other charges. However, you can only redeem for your nominees (and yourself). Adding nominees is free of charge, but if you happen to have your nominees full and need to delete and add new ones to redeem the miles, there is a fee (depends on your status with Krisflyer) to delete or change a nominee.

There are also charges for cancellation and change of routing (fees depends on your status with Krisflyer). Take note that changing of dates is free, you just require award availability on the dates you require and to change within the validity of the ticket.

No. All you have to pay are taxes. It is all laid out clearly online when you can confirm a flight.
Correction, you also pay for the carrier surcharges (ie fuel surcharges). Taxes are dirt cheap compared to fuel surcharge.

Thus can I conclude that I maximize my miles by redeeming it for Christchurch?
No. Please do the math right. We are looking at the "monetary" savings per mile.

So for $1 = 77 miles, means 1 mile is worth only $0.013, while $1 = 51 miles means 1 mile is worth $0.0196. Thus CHC is much more worth it than CPH, according to per mile value.

To really maximize your miles, please go for premium classes redemption (saver category). Like a business class to CPH cost over S$7k (random searches turns up $7k to $10k), while redemption is only 102k miles, which is well about $0.06 per mile value (just considering $7k fare - $700 fees).

SQ is selling miles at US$40 per 1000 miles or US$0.04 per mile. Redeeming for S$0.06 or more per mile would put you over the price they are selling at.

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