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Need some advice from the experts here.
I have a corridor facing room in an old 3 room HDB that I would like to aircondition. However, I'm trying to avoid affecting the other room (means penetrating the walls to install the split unit is a problem) and it is against HDB regulations to install casement or window units on windows facing the common corridor.

Portable unit seemed to be the only way, but it is energy hungry and noisy (I expect to run it long hours), and I'll still need to purge the exhaust out the window as well as change the window from the current glass and aluminum window panes to something more airtight.

However, I'm thinking if I can mount a casement unit by putting up a small partition before the window and mounting the casement inside the room, venting it into the space between the window and the partition?
The partition can be partly glass and hinged so I can still access the window. The plus side is, I reduce the amount of space that I need to aircondition (I don't need the entire room's space anyway), and I'm not doing anything to the existing windows and the other room.

Is this allowed by HDB? Or am I just crazy?
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