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Agreed. However the profit a company makes is not through a staff's salary. Company makes profits and use them to pay staffs salary.

You are working as full-time staff for the client but AcePLP gets a cut of what the client pays.
erm u get de basics fact wrong oredi. we work as fulltime staff for aceplp as trainee. aceplp give us assignment requires us to work onsite nxt 2 de resident engineer n project mnger. of course hv to, cos project muz complete fast n clients got no time to ding dong w u from aceplp office. unless u r work on aceplp in-house project, most de time u work outside when u r on de assngments.

hw can u possibly be a fulltime staff of de client if aceplp is going to put you in 3-4 assignments over 2 yrs???
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