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Angry privatization of carpark

Fm ST, 09 Aug 2003

HDB to continue handling appeals by parking offenders

I REFER to the letter by Mr Michael Loh Yik Ming, 'Can private firms book parking offenders?' (ST, Aug 1).

Mr Loh was concerned about the legality of having private companies issue parking fines and with possible abuses arising from the arrangement.

The Housing Board has engaged two private companies, Premas International Ltd and Chubb Singapore Pte Ltd, to provide parking-enforcement services in some of the carparks in HDB estates. However, the right to carry out enforcement action against motorists remains with HDB.

Staff from Premas and Chubb will issue Notice of Parking Offence (Nopo). HDB will follow up with a formal notice to the motorists to settle the parking fine, and handle all enquiries, payments and appeals, similar to the current practice. This arrangement is purely contractual, and HDB can enter into such contracts in the course of managing its carparks.

If motorists dispute the Nopo issued, the dispute or appeal will be referred to the HDB Branch Office managing that carpark and processed in the usual way.

Acting Deputy Director (Car Parks)
for Director, Housing Administration
Housing and Development Board


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