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EZLink or NETS Flashpay with credit cards

I've spent some time researching EZLink vs. NETS FlashPay topic and can't come up to the conclusion which is better.

In terms of EZLink - mainly used for transportation (public transport, ERP, parking) and some, not too many retail outlets are accepting it. It can be linked with autoreload option using credit cards by EZ-Reload scheme with DBS POSB card (2% cashback). Another autoreload option is with HSBC Revolution card - 7% cash back on EZLink autoreload but only of one spends more than $300/mo on purchases. OK, clear.

Now with NETS FP situation is not that clear to me. What I understand is in addition to be used for transportation, more retail outlets are accepting it comparing to the EZLink, plus it also accumulates Linkpoints on changes (however on horrendously bad rate - $30 per 1 point, compare it to 2 points per $1 at FairPrice). However if the FP card has outoreload option like EZlink's EZ-Reload and if yes, which credit cards work with it and what kind of benefits/cashback they offer - is still unknown to me.

Can anyone clarify? Thanks in advance.

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