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Flashpay for me....

especially for purchases. For eg, when i go to NEX NTUC for eg, i just use flashpay at the self-payment kiosk and it's so much faster compared to NETS/debit/credit payments.

And now that those 2nd generation IU can accept FlashPay also, i can just put on the IU and it has many nets top up terminal islandwide. The ez-link infrastructure for carpark does not seem as matured.

And let's face it, give me a choice to use EZ-link for purchase vs my credit card, let me use my credit card anytime. I believe my credit card can chalk up more points with better priveleges than what the flashpay/ez-link can allow.

It seems like so far, flashpay has collaboration with Maybank platinumdebit card to offer auto-reload.
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