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Please don't poison me into buying another thing. Damn suay siah two GG at same time.
Now using DS211. Having 2 drives fail at the same time is really out of luck. At the moment now I have a RAID 1 DAS connected to my RAID 1 NAS for nightly backup. If all 4 drives fail at the same time, means I can go buy 4D liao. Which UPS u using for your NAS? Considering to invest one for my NAS in the near future as well
2 drives fail at the same time is quite a rare thing lah. Really just sway sway got power trip at my home out of the blue, switch back on 2 drives uplorry. The drives I'm using also not really built for NAS use anyway, so sway lor.

I got myself an APC UPS, one with a USB connection to the NAS. Mine is APC Power-Saving Back-UPS Pro 900 but no need get until so hardcore one lah. I have this habit of buy one time buy a good unit so no need to think about it again. Think cost me around 325.

Now I configure my NAS to become the UPS server, so my UPS is connected directly to my NAS, my PC also connected to the UPS, and set it up to ping every 30 minutes since my PC is only switched on when I am at home. So if see my UPS start to kpkb know got power trip can shut down liao.
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