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My NAS is also acting as my download machine, apart from serving data access to all the systems in my house and remotely.

I kept wondering if separating a downloading NAS would be better.

Say I add a DS112/DS112+ as a downloading machine and maintain my DS211 server to my systems. Think the HDD in DS211 would last longer or just make performance better?
Are you doing so much downloads that you are bogging down the performance of your NAS? Check the CPU bar on the right side of the Synology GUI and see on average if it's always at high load or not. If it's constantly at high load from the things you do, then it's probably a good idea to have a separate NAS.

If it's only a few downloads once in a while, then no, don't waste money. Or you could always use this as an excuse to get a 412+ with the awesome Intel processor that will let you multitask like a boss with top downloads.

BTW I just wanna remind everyone I not a NAS expert hor, just sharing what I know. Got a few veterans here haven't show face in this thread yet.
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