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All my siblings have remote access to the storage so when we are out, we are always streaming music from the NAS.

My NAS is always downloading/uploading something. When it's a well seeded file and I maximise the bandwidth, yup the cpu will be at 100%. And because torrents cause a lot of HDD activities, I thought maybe a NAS dedicated for torrenting might be a good idea because even if the HDDs crash, all my data won't be there but on the other NAS.
Based on your description, I would say getting a 4 bay NAS with good performance actually makes more sense than getting another 2 bay NAS.

My reasoning:
  1. Torrenting is actually quite CPU intensive.
  2. If you have 2 NAS with 2 bays, it means you are practically doing a RAID 1. Why not just get a 4 bay one and do RAID 5?
  3. If you get 1x 4 bay NAS, you just need 1 UPS to cover it, if you get 2x 2 bay NAS, how you going to cover in the future?
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