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This is a repost from my previous post. Can someone kindly help me with it?

Hi, I would like to ask;
1) where can I buy cheaper Renati rock hard? Not those at salons one.

2) may I have baby's contact number(hp no. preferably)? (let me know if you pm me her no.)
I want to try getting a hair cut from her. Those $10 cuts I had at neighbourhood always cut one side long and another side short

3) anyone knows where I can buy T3 or Sedu hairdryers in sg? if not, any other tourmaline ionic ceramic hair dryer to recommend? minimum spec must have ionic feature.

4) im just curious, why isn't there much/any reviews about fudge matte hed/extra around the net and in this thread? too ex, rare, really no good at all? good salons tend to carry their products though..

thanks for reading and answering my question(s)
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