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Typical answer will be hair spray. But hair spray can be expensive if you keep spamming it, not to mention the headaches that you will have if you use too much of it.

Consider using hair powder/saltwater spray to create hair volume. Pour a bit of hair powder onto your palms and rub it. Then style your hair accordingly before applying your usual wax/clay. U will see how your hair volume is automatically created for you. Then style it as normal with your wax/clay and u definitely use lesser wax than normal. Do not underestimate hair powder as it can be really strong. And hair powder is self explanatory. Being lightweight, it will not pull down your hair at all. So you will have no worries about not lasting through the entire day then.

P.S. Do not use hair powder and saltwater spray together. They are substitutes not complements. If u persist in doing so, prepare to stay at home after doing it.
What's the difference between osis dust-it powder and the salt spray?
Find that dust-it feels a little stiff, so I use mousse instead for the volume.
Saw on youtube that u should use salt spray only once/twice a week due to drying effect.(my hair is also quite dry)

Any difference between the 3?

u also mentioned deep cleansing shampoo, heard that its not recommended for dyed hair correct?

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