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What's the difference between osis dust-it powder and the salt spray?
Find that dust-it feels a little stiff, so I use mousse instead for the volume.
Saw on youtube that u should use salt spray only once/twice a week due to drying effect.(my hair is also quite dry)

Any difference between the 3?

u also mentioned deep cleansing shampoo, heard that its not recommended for dyed hair correct?
Powder and saltwater spray can be used on wet/dry hair. I agree that it can be a bit stiff when u apply hair powder. In fact, it will be the case for both hair powder and saltwater spray because it works in this way. (dries your hair and creates volume)

Personally, i use saltwater spray everyday and supplement it with hair mask once in a while, to condition my hair so i don't really think the drying effect is very significant if you really do take good care of your hair. Its not that serious even if you don't use hair mask, to be frank. Difference between saltwater spray and hair powder is that saltwater spray will produce best results while used on damp hair. Hair powder should be applied on dry hair for best results. Other than that, both of them creates awesome hair volume almost instantly. One thing to note is that these two are in fact substitutes so do not use them together.

On the other hand, for hair powder. For best results, what i realize is that apply it onto dry hair. Hair volume will definitely be created upon usage. For the case of OSIS dust it, it lies with the product itself. U might have a harder time washing it off as compared to other brands. For e.g., i am using Powder On Mattifying Effect from UK now and i have an easier time washing it off and applying it, as compared to OSIS dust it when i used it too.

As for mousse, i don't like to apply foamy stuffs onto my hair. So i did not exactly use it before. Can't provide my opinions on this.

Deep cleansing can be used on dyed hair. I am using it almost everyday and my hair colour is still there. So no worries.
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