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I have been using sandisk 32gb class 10 for over 4 months. Since 2 weeks ago, i began to notice the card unmounting issue, and the media scan wakelock kept draining my battery. I have about 18gb worth of MP3. The issue stopped after i removed my microSD card.

For those using Samsung card, does it drain your battery?
It does not matter if you use Sandisk or Samsung. I had used different types of microSD [Sandisk 64gb(Class10), Sandisk 32gb(Class 4 and Class 10) and Samsung 32 Gb (class 10)] and still S3 reported damaged SD card. Currently, my S3 will happily report damaged SD (Samsung 32 Gb) and then it will work when i restart the S3 again.

It is definitely a samsung phone issue and they ought to compensate for the damaged SD card. I am now paranoid to store anything important in the damn SD card cos' S3 will suka suka tell u it is not accessible anymore.
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