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2 things that make me wonder

1) Did the authorities spoke to all major manufacturers if there is a possibility of replacing exisitng TV tuner cards instead of buying the box which consumed electricity and supposingly requires a seperate remote control?

2) Did they spoke to or 'force' Starhub to allow us to receive digital channels through their points instead of purchasing a seperate antenna which again consumed electricity? My flat has rooftop antenna but unable to receive. I called HDB to repair and they simply reject my request, forcing me to make my own antenna.
1. i doubt manufacturers will wanna do that~ too much man power & logistic required. Warranty is also a issue.

2. starhub already transmit digital signals in DVB-C long ago~ so far i only know for local tv sets, philips tv is able to recv DVB-C w/o STB, user can recv mediacorp channels in digital but not HD5 as it's encrypted~

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