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2 things that make me wonder

1) Did the authorities spoke to all major manufacturers if there is a possibility of replacing exisitng TV tuner cards instead of buying the box which consumed electricity and supposingly requires a seperate remote control?
The major tv makers were all represented in the technical committee during the formulation of the standard for the dvb-t2 integrated receiver (aka tuner or set-top box).They were all aware of the business opportunities. As to whether they are doing it, it's a matter of business decision. Sunsetbay has expressed his view. In my opinion, there is no money for them to make as product life cycle gets shorter and shorter.

2) Did they spoke to or 'force' Starhub to allow us to receive digital channels through their points instead of purchasing a seperate antenna which again consumed electricity? My flat has rooftop antenna but unable to receive. I called HDB to repair and they simply reject my request, forcing me to make my own antenna.
More details on your hdb antennae please for my suggestion.
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