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seem like they want u to die die subscribe/buy setup box.some more change the technology from dvb-t to dvb-t2.a bit weird you make trial on September but wanna roll over on to know good or not?IMO,currently most lcd/led tv with dvb-t will not be able to watch due to new technology implemented.
hai ya,do thing never think.
The trial was from Sep 2011.They have more than 2 years to fine tune. See:
Welcome to UBIFRANCE - The French Trade Commission in Singapore
Current tv sets available in Singapore are not dvb-t2 sg compliant.
1 more thing for those using antenna,are they able to get to those channel?if not, having setup box will bring your electricity and the subscription ===$$$$$$
I wrote to MediaCorp in Jan this year to find out on which chan/frequency they will be trasmitting the new signals. They have yet to reply to me. Whether there is a need for additional antenna or modification is not known until the information is available. Regardless of the transmission, new tv set with dvb t2 standard or set top box will be required except for pay tv customers.
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