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I think I should throw in my 2 cents worth to make it clearer. I wrote in a year ago but no reply. wrote in again a month ago and bingo a reply. You can clearly see where this whole thing is headed from the reply.

Dear Sir

Thank you for your feedback.

MediaCorp has tested the DVB-T2 standard and the results show that households will be able to receive digital TV signals if they connect their existing TV to an indoor antenna and a set top box. The design of the antenna now comes in compact form such as a bar, frame or rod. Other countries such as Germany, Netherlands and USA also use indoor antennas for free-to-air (FTA) digital TV signals.

The current HDB rooftop master antennae (MATV) system was designed to receive analogue TV signals and will not able to receive digital FTA TV signals. There are no plans to upgrade the MATV system as there are other available means to receive the digital FTA channels.

This option of receiving digital FTA TV via the existing StarHub cable point involves delivery of services on a commercial infrastructure. Non-subscribers would have to connect digital cable STBs to their TVs and may incur service fees. The antenna solution enables consumers to receive digital FTA TV without the need to pay monthly charges. Starhub cable is not suitable as the long-term platform for non-subscribers to receive digital FTA.

We are mindful of the importance of free-to-air (FTA) TV to all households, and will carefully monitor the take-up rate of digital TV and ensure that as Singapore migrates to digital TV, households can continue to receive FTA TV signals. To ensure a smooth transition, MediaCorp will simultaneously broadcasting the existing analogue signals for their FTA channels for at least two years from the start of digital transmission in end-2013. This will give households time to get accustomed to receiving their TV signals digitally.

MDA will work closely with MediaCorp, as well as major manufacturers and retailers on an educational campaign to help consumers prepare for the digital switchover. MDA will also work closely with various stakeholders and grassroots organisations to determine various options for all segments of the public to seamlessly migrate to digital TV.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 9728 9877 or email me at should you require further assistance.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely;

Zoey Moh

Manager (Planning)

Digital Broadcasting Deployment Office Division

Media Development Authority

Note: Please do not change the subject header when you reply to this email. The subject header is used by MDA for filing of related correspondences with you.
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