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I got mine since December, and no signs of it spliting to date.
Not really a concern anyway.

Honestly, I'm sick of those unprofessional and unfair reviews/ANAL-yst. They are just bashing/ writing anything negative for the sake of getting more attention. They don't care about the truth, and don't see the need to verify facts or just plain stupid.
Just look at the recent IDC press release on the steepest decline in PC shipments. So many facts were left out. The fact that no ultrabook, no tablet based W8 PCs were included in their report; the fact that they blame it entirely on Windows 8 & Microsoft when Mac is suffering it far worst.

Yes I'm a MS fan, I admit. And I do have Asus Transformer, Galaxy S2, iPad 3, Lumia 800/900/920 myself.

Try it out yourself and tell me what you think later. Don't simply look at the bad side of it, or what others say, what you hear.

>> If you just read those articles carefully, don't they apply to Android tablets and iPad too? Did anyone say the iPad or Android 3 (tablet) is a disaster, DOA when its out?

-iPad/Android doesn't even have desktop apps for you to multi task on
-You can multi task with snap mode on Windows 8 while its impossible on Android (I know its on galaxy, but none of the apps are optimized)/iPad
-iPad/Android don't have MS Office
-Android apps are pretty much 90% scaled up phone apps, makes no difference to have a tablet to a phone (The same app on Android tablet and Windows 8 is a huge difference apart)
-iPad/Android are never build as a 'productivity' PC like Windows, but rather an entertainment device
-To date there's 60,000 Windows Store apps & its only 6 months. Give it a year and it can well overtake Android tablet that's more suitable for 7 inch market at the current path its going
-You can play any flash content on IE10 (there's no flash on iPad and limited support on Android)

On the other hand, a jailbroken Surface RT can actually run ANY Win32 apps as long as its recompiled by the developer. The potential of RT is just up to Microsoft, if they want to open it up or not. I really hope they do, once the Windows Store reached a certain level such that app count won't matter much already.
I'm waiting to see what Microsoft have to offer on Windows Blue update, if they are able to merge both Windows Phone 8 & Windows 8 app store into one mega ecosystem.

well written,

i agree with most of your points here.

coming from an android and a ipad user, those are exactly the points that pointed me to a RT tablet.

I have yet to get it myself, but you mentioning the jailbreak to run a EXE files just strengthen my chance of getting one.

Any sites that i can read more about the benefits of jailbreaking?
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