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I think you can find some of these desktop apps for "jailbroken" Surface RT here:

Desktop apps ported to Windows RT - xda-developers

Frankly I think any new platform will get bashed in the beginning, same thing happened to Android tablets about the lack of apps, it's still being criticized for the lack of tablet-optimized apps.

So, don't expect MS to get a free pass here, especially when the Store is lacking official apps from big names like Google. With only like 4 Windows RT devices in the market, I don't expect developers to be too interested about the platform.

The smart money (imo) is still on x86 for tablets (if you're keen on Windows 8/productivity angle)--Intel's coming up with quad-core Atom by end of the year, which could make RT irrelevant if it can provide both battery life and performance (fill the gap between current Atom and Core i CPU).

If all you need is to surf net, watch videos, play games, iPad/Android tablets is cheaper and will continue to have more apps.
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