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wow thanks alot for sharing. Do you find it comfortable to use the surface pro 10.6" screen as a main device?

I asked partly cause I am considering getting a Win 8 ultrabook and pair it with a compact tablet combination. And that's just Surface Pro's not here yet. haha, what a way to start.. thinking of giving it up before it arrived on our shores.
I do love the syncing between my surface RT and my windows 8 desktop. The surface RT size is actually okay for normal internet browsing, simple word editing. If you really do want to get serious work done, you may find the screen to be a little bit restrictive and small(when you use the office). That's what I feel after using my surface RT for 4 months.

However, since I only intended to use the surface RT as a companion device, it has been serving me pretty well. IMO, I feel the surface family has too small a screen size for serious work, but that's just my opinion. My programmer friend has a surface PRO and he is loving it, so it really depends on your preference and usage.
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