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I bought a Surface RT last year from the US and I encountered a hardware issue (microsd slot cant hold the card in place).

I reported the issue last Friday morning through microsoft online service center and called the customer service hotline (which connected me to a US customer service staff). After going through a few troubleshooting, the agent confirmed the hardware problem and issued me a ticket. Local service center gave me a call that afternoon and arranged a courier for Monday. They picked up my defective unit yesterday and i just received the replacement this morning.

Guess what, i got a brand new set (as promised)! Free door to door courier, fast turnaround, and brand new replacement! That's the most awesome customer service ever!

* Note that MS may give a refurbised unit instead of BRAND NEW, but since the tablet was just released in SG, they probably dont have any refurbished sets yet (it all depends on availability). Of course, they will exchange ur US tablet version to a local version instead.

** You need to package the defective unit on your own but you can request for a bubble wrap. Do not give your original packaging box but use another box coz they will not return the box you will use.

You were lucky. Microsoft likes to exchange defective hardware for refurbs, which in my experience was very cham because the XBox 360 refurb they return to me only intermittent RRoD so cannot prove that it was not working, and also useless to play games. By the time it all the time RRoD Microsoft ask me to pay money to replace that refurb with another of their refurb. For that reason, I am careful not to buy Microsoft hardware anymore.
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