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Just to share this experience that i had when i was shopping for my surface tablet yesterday at challenger AMK.

I have already intended to get the surface tablet but i am not comfortable with the price of the touch pad case of the surface RT. So, i asked the sales person if i could use other BT keyboard for the surface tablet. I was holding the logetic bt keyboard that states it supports the rt while asking him.

The reply i got was a straight no. He mentioned that the keyboard can be used with other tablets but not the surface RT tablet. He even went to the extend to say that he have tested out the device and he can cfm that its not working. When i asked if i have other alternative for the keyboard, he straight away said no, he wants me to get the touch cover.

I was very puzzled by his answer and went out of the store to clear my mind. After 30 min, i went back again, this time, served by another sales person. When asked the same question, he told me that the BT keyboard is supported. I quoted his word and made the purchase.

Everything is working fine with the logitech keyboard and i am a happy surface user now.
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