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since u buying RT, i would have thought that you will be more knowledgeable that those salesperson.

anyway, which logitech BT keyboard u hoot?
how muchie is the keyboard.
n why did u not get the MS BT keyboard?
what about BT mouse, did u get that?
I am more knowledgeable than the average buyer, tats why i asked if the keyboard is supported, i purposely choose the one that states it supports the RT tablet to ask him. And he mention to me that he tested out the one and was sure it cannot work, thats why i am puzzled.

got this keyboard from logitech , forgot the model name, just some bt tablet keyboard.

did you mean the type cover? its ridiculously overpriced. I am not willing to pay for that. haha..

i figure i did not need a mouse, so i just used got the keyboard instead.

I do agree that the combo of the case keyboard and the tablet is wonderful, but another small keyboard to bring along is not tat bad. haha..

And yes, i am enjoying the new tablet now! haha
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