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So, quick summary from a non surface guy reading all this.

The RT is basically a long battery version. Runs a different kind of OS. No pen. Cheaper. Like a true tablet.

The Pro short battery, runs windows 8 pro, got pen. More expensive. Or in short, it's like a regular laptop but in a tablet. Got mini display port. No idea if the RT does?
Specs are all at the Surface website, but the RT also has mini-DP out

The RT is basically MS's iPad, it runs a cut-down version of Win8 (no domain support, no group policies, you can only install apps via the appstore like similar iOS and Android devices) although WinRT and Win8 have similar UI. 10-hour battery life or thereabouts. You can write on the RT if you'd like, like an iPad, with any capacitive stylus but as the RT doesn't have palm rejection it's a severe pain in the arse doing so

the Pro has the internals of a typical ultrabook (corei5, 4GB RAM, HD4000 onboard graphics, SSD), crammed into a tablet form factor. It's got palm rejection which makes it worlds better for note-taking. Full Win8, which means you're free to install whatever x86 apps you want. Downside is the 4 hour battery and cost(it's about twice as much as the RT, but then again it's an ultrabook squeezed into a tablet. I figure it's worth the price premium)

The Pro's getting a local release in a month or two but IMHO it'll be here too late, Intel's Haswell CPUs are coming to the market soon and they promise vastly reduced battery drain, amongst other things. If the Surfaces get a yearly refresh, the v2 will almost certainly pack a Haswell, which means in about half a year's time you're going to look at your $1.5K Pro and wonder why you didn't wait a few months
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