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Guys, don't get too ahead of yourselves here! The Haswell CPU has many version. The Tablet one that has TDP of 10W is the same performance as the current Ivy bridge. But even at 10W, it will only improve overall battery life by maybe half hour of normal usage. It may enable Connected Standby like in RT with even more power states but I think many will switch it off to conserve some battery life.

This means that MS may not even bother with the lower power Haswell, instead they may use the higher power one with HD5xxx GPU for gaming. My guestimate is this new part has the performance of a AMD HD4870 & it may be marketed as a gaming tablet for Xbox.

Or, MS may use Bay Trail with a 40-50% improvement in performance but retain the same power profile to hit that magical 10 hour battery. Or maybe compromise a bit & swap that eMMC with a SLC/MLC NAND SSD for superior HDD performance but sacrifice about 1 hour battery life.

I'm gonna wait for MS to announce Surface 2 before taking the plunge.
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