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Re: SAF 264 Problem

Hi there,

I was asked to report for a RT default charge in May but due to an impending exam, I had to give it a miss (According to the customer service officer I called, she said it was alright to give the first charge date a miss and they will schedule me with another date which I would HAVE to attend). Then only yesterday, I received the next charge letter. I am now required to report for the charge at the end of June. Coincidentally, the date coincides with my ICT date. The thing is, according to the CSO, when the charge dates are issued, they are fixed and not able to be changed. I called up again and the CSO told me to go back to my camp and look for the Chief Clerk or S1 to settle my charge in camp.

Can this really happen?

Now the thing I am worried about is the Chief Clerk/S1 may be busy people/do not have information regarding my charge, and therefore, may not have the time to handle my charge. If thats the case, I would be considered as defaulting the charge and may face double the penalty. Even if they are able to handle my charge, the lack of coordination may even lead to the charge not being handled properly and I may be considered as 'failure to appear'. The advice of the CSO may backfire and it would then make this a difficult and meagre defense towards my case.

Please, anyone with similar experiences or any knowledge regarding my situation, could you give me some comments? Gratitude.
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