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Hi all,

I'll get straight to the point, my ippt window ended yst 21/5 and before that, I've took up IPT but only went for the 1st lesson and subsequently booked and tried for Non-ICT IPPT twice (fail)before the window closes yesterday.

I know that I am supposed to go for 20 RT lessons for the last three months before birthday date but as I'll be getting keys to my new HDB soon (Jun) so I don't think I can commit to 20 lessons at all.

Should I appeal to for exemption that to treat that I've completed my IPT so that I will require to go for 8 lessons only instead or just default my IPPT and receive my charge?
I seriously doubt they will accept your appeal. Everyone got commitments and you only attended 1(out of 10) IPT session, how to convince them?
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