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anyone knows if 1st lesson of IPT-RT (the 8 lessons one) is IPPT or training? and what time is Maju in-pro for this?
There is only IPT or RT.

RT 20 lessons--- first 7, follow by IPPT test. If pass, then you are cleared. IF not, go for 9-19 and follow by IPPT test. Pass or fail nvm cause it will be considered clear.
Of course in between the RT if u feel confident that you will pass, you can book for IPPT, pass it and no more RT. Fail, continue your RT as usual.

IPT 10 lessons---first lesson is IPPT assessment to categorised you into different bands. If you confident that you can pass the assigned band IPT standards, can book IPPT to clear and no need to complete remaining lessons.
If until end of IPT, still cannot pass IPT, then go for RT 8 lessons. If did not complete 10 lessons IPT, go for RT 20 lessons.

Btw, IPT standards are lower than IPPT but your band will progress each passing year so thus making it harder to pass.
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