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Custom scenario: Cao Cao @ Wu Wei

Download link

Changes made

1) Liu Biao & Kong Rong forces became more aggressive now

2) The below cities have been modified to combat Dong Zhuo force

Wu Wei, Wan & Han Zhong

Soldiers: 95,000
Gold 95,000
Food 950,000
Spears 95,000
Pikes 95,000
Bows 95,000
Horse 95,000

3) Cao Cao is now at Wu Wei

4) Yuan Shu is now at Han Zhong

5) Gongsun Zan & Tao Qian forces swapped position

Error that could not be corrected/rectified

Liu Biao force has been successfully modified to become as aggressive as those strong forces. He now builds up his force quickly.

Due to change of officer position on Liu Biao, Cai Shi is no longer a wife of Liu Biao, but Liu Biao is still Cai Shi husband


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