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Hi guru:

I am staying in condo. And current air cons system is about ten years old already.
All pipes are concealed inside false walls and ceilings.

So other than pipe installation cost, the rest of daikin is quoted at fair price?

I was told by other dealer selling both daikin and me that me latest r410 system could use back the existing r22pipes, however only me can do and daikin can't.

Have u ever heard of such thing?
There are a few thing to consider...

1. Are the old pipe correct size for the new system. If not, change to new pipe.

2. Are there any old R22 refrigerant oil traps in the old pipe? You will damage your new aircon if the old R22 refrigerant oil mixed into your new aircon running on R410 refrigerant.

3. Will Daikin VOID your warranty if their technician found out the new compressor is damage by old R22 oil because you never change the pipe.
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