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hi guys, i am thinking of getting the Zerust Vapor Casule, specifically VC2-2. It can protect a enclosure of volume up to 0.95m3, with a protection radius of 0.6m and a protection duration life span of 2 years. More information can be found here:

ZerustŪ Vapor Capsule | Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor | Zerust Oil and Gas
Zerust - How VCI capsule works - YouTube

It comes in 10pcs and each piece cost abt $16 (w/o delivery fees). I will see if I can collect it myself to save on delivery but was wondering anyone will like to share in this? I will need at least 1 pc so there will be 9 pcs left for any other interested people. Pls PM me if you are interested. Thks.
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