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Finally decide to go for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries system 3 !!

SCM60/ 3 x SRK25

Any Mitsubishi heavy industry user here? Mind to share how good is it?

Actually my wife and i decide to go GC for our aircon. But the salesperson at Best Tech really impress both my wife and i. I read some negative feedback about this company before but the salesperson, Ken really so helpful and knowledgeable in term of explaining the running of piping and run through the floor plan with us.

After a chit chat with him realize that he is not a indoor salesperson. He is a outdoor salesperson. He just happen to be drop by at IMM outlet on the day we purchased No wonder he is so familiar with the floor plan stuff and even pass us his mobile no to let us contact him when we need him to come down for some site view as we have a built in wardrobe in MBR which might block the way of the piping.

After compare few brand, realize that Mitsubishi Heavy Industry is the most power saving aircon in the market now. So we happily go for it.

But we have a headache now.. He offer us 2 type of insulation which is YAMATO and K-Flex class "0"... According to him, YAMATO is much more better as the insulation is largely use at JAPAN and big project such as landed and condo at singapore. I went back and check with one of my friend who run a construction company, he told me that he did saw some project is using this YAMATO piping. But not sure how good it is...

Anyone ever use this YAMATO insulation and any feedback on it?? I Need to decide which one to use before the installation date..
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