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To xtream,

They duh have Armaflex?
Mind sharing how much you paid for your MHI sys 3?
They have armaflex. But the salesperson advise me to go for YAMATO.
He never really force me la... he say let me choose... If don't want Armaflex, i can also opt for the K-flex...

But the surface feel between the YAMATO with K-flex and Armaflex really difference.. That's why i headache now.. YAMATO doesn't feel like a foam... It really much more solid.. But not sure how durable it is as i nv heard or see anyone use it b4.

I pay $2799 for the MHI sys 3. And enjoy free upgrade to YAMATO if i want to because they are having a promotion. And he also told me if without promotion this YAMATO is selling about $200++ - $300++..

Terumo guru, mind to share if u ever heard about this YAMATO before?? And is this price reasonable? Not really go around and check after purchased since the salesperson is so friendly.

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