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Hi, would anyone happen to know about any special passes for commuting in Japan that is not the JR Pass? This is for a 9 days 8 nights trip...

Saw the Skyliner Round Trip + Special Combination 2-Day Open Ticket @ 4,880 any idea if it's worth the price?

I will be making use of the Skyliner for traveling from the Airport if I'm getting the package to Inaricho where my hostel is at, but I'm a bit hesitant at the 2 day Tokyo Metro open ticket. I'm actually planning a Yokohama day trip and a Chiba day trip, the rest would be probably centered around the yamanote line which is operated by JR.

The JR East pass @ 15,000 for 3 days is a bit too short and too out of my range... orz

Hope someone can give some advice on this... Thanks many many~~~
Eh, you can use the normal Keisei line (1000+ yen), then take a normal train loh.

Refer to my post.

btw, a lot of places which Yamanote line can go, Tokyo Metro can go as well.. =)
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