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Sign on to 150Mbps Fibre BroadBand @ $49.90 on phone before 9:00PM today.

Was waiting to sign on for quite a while but holding on due to the installation and registration charge which add up to $6.91 additional per mth if not waive off and not so attractive offers before current promotion.

With both now waived off, finally decide not to wait for future promotions due to the coming price increase charge for the excess data for Broadband on Mobile which I'm keen on.

As of now, every 1 GB excess data after the 1GB local data bundle for the Mobile BroadBand is charge at $5.35 and capped at $94/month.
W.e.f. July 2013 both will be doubled!!!
Excess 1 GB will be charged at $10.70 and capped at $188/month!!!
Current rates are promotional rates.

The CSOs are not aware of this coming price increase until I told them to check it out their website.

The 1 GB local data bundled with the free Broadband on Mobile can be easily exceeded.
$5.35 per 1GB and capped at $94/mth still acceptable but not double the rate.

Was interested to top up $35 for the HP notebook so total will be $84.90/mth.
End up did not "top-up" for the notebook as was told still have to continue to pay $84.90 even after 24 mths as that is the price for the "top-up" plan which is different from the $49.90 "basic" Fibre Broadband plan.
Price will only change if I recontract but what if there is no better plan to recontract especially the excess data charge of $5.35 per 1Gb for the Broadband on Mobile which will remain until recontract.
Anyway, the notebook is good to have but not a must.

Maybe I'm given the wrong info by the CSO but those keen on the notebook "top-up" may want to check carefully before sign on otherwise continue to pay for the notebook "top-up" after 24 mths until recontract.
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