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I bought MHI system 2 (SCM45 + 2x SRK25ZJ-S), one for my mom's room, the other for mine. Has been 1.5 years, and still works splendidly.

Really quiet, and cools well. As for energy consumption, hmmm maybe I should go ask my mom how the bills has been recently, since I've been turning them on almost every night this past few months.

The only irritating thing about Gain City's installers is that they never wrap the outdoor insulation with aluminum foil, and the insulation is now like peeling and deteriorating, due to exposure to the weather, I believe.

For my upcoming house, I used to want to get MHI from Best Tech, and yeah, Ken is pretty good on his service.

However, after talking to the manager at Creation last Saturday, I think I will buy from them, because:
1) Cheaper (around 3500 for Mitsubishi Electric Sys 4)
2) They wrap the insulation with aluminum
3) From year 2 onwards, you pay $252 annually for a Sys 4, for 3 visits, and this also covers all parts (including circuit board), labour, transport if anything breaks down

Not bad I feel, unless I'm missing something...
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