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Hello comgateway, please reply

Should BAN comgateway immediately.
I got 1 parcel at comgateway, repack not available. Actual weight is 0.5kg, volumetric weight is 1.75kg, chargeable weight is 2KG. I okay with 1.75kg and this is ridiculously charge 2KG

Why 2kg not 1.8kg?
Given that you have shipped countless of packages, I still don't get why you are complaining about this.
Shipping are done in blocks of 0.5kg each so it will often be rounded up to the highest 0.5kg because it makes no sense to round down to 1.5kg if your package weighs 1.75kg. And this is on their website :

Even if you want to get a repack, a minimum is a 2kg difference between volumetric and actual weight to qualify. You can always ask them to transfer it into a box at an additional cost.

Its like you are buying something without even knowing what you are buying for.

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