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Hello comgateway, please reply

Should BAN comgateway immediately.
I got 1 parcel at comgateway, repack not available. Actual weight is 0.5kg, volumetric weight is 1.75kg, chargeable weight is 2KG. I okay with 1.75kg and this is ridiculously charge 2KG

Why 2kg not 1.8kg?
bro...the terms and conditions and shipping charges are all transparent. what are u complaining about as a consumer? u r free to choose whatever freight forwarder you have...but openly complaining in a forum when you are clearly in the wrong is just waiting to be flamed. considering you hangout frequently in the LV and Gucci threads and here you are complaining about US$1.20

I'm also not affiliated to any of the shipping and logistics companies.

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