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Thanks bro.. tot my question was skipped and ignored so I call them..

They said no need pay slip ?
I went to the website after reading your post but I cant find the format to type. Can u point to me ?
The guy only said type purpose , paid all expenses by herself. salary and ask boss to sign. can liao. Din mention malaysia IC too.

how ? scare the guy missed out too haa..ya took note of the time.
Lucky on shift work so no need time off.

PR but holding a Msia passport then have to apply visa.

1- copies of passport, SG and Msia ic
2 - copies of payslips, bring original as well just in case
3 - printout of the forms, bring extra blank copies just in case.
4 - company letter, format follow the website given.

Pls note application is in morning till noon if I,m not wrong and processing takes 3 days. So u need apply 2 days leave.
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