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you have the choice where to use their services or not. Moreover, its just US$1.20 more. Just pay and get over it.
bro...the terms and conditions and shipping charges are all transparent. what are u complaining about as a consumer? u r free to choose whatever freight forwarder you have...but openly complaining in a forum when you are clearly in the wrong is just waiting to be flamed. considering you hangout frequently in the LV and Gucci threads and here you are complaining about US$1.20

I'm also not affiliated to any of the shipping and logistics companies.
my bad, i angry previously i get it over. so it is just US$1.20 den it should be fine. anyway i delete post. hahahaha...

once again...have u done your proper research on the items that can be shipped to SG? There are many if u read other posts by forumers. Just becos the item that you want is unable to be shipped to SG doesnt mean u should generalize.
oh oh sir.
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