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hi, im currently using singtel with lte phone. just wondering if my phone will work in japan and how do i sms back to a sg number when im over there? do i have to add any numbers? thanks!
Which LTE phone are you using bro? For now (at least), only Galaxy S4, HTC One and the upcoming LG Optimus G Pro offers all possible LTE bands in their phones, hence you can still roam in LTE while in Japan

For all other LTE phones, eg Galaxy S3, the phone will switch to regular 3G 850/1900 band.

Make sure you manually log onto Softbank while you're roaming in Japan. Singtel has some tieups with Softbank and you can enjoy slightly lower rates with Softbank

To SMS, just compose and send your SMS as per normal, no +65 prefix required. But that SMS will be charged as roaming SMS liao. So take note of that.

If you want to call SG line, use the IDD call back option from Singtel to enjoy slightly cheaper IDD calls. just enter *121*+65(your number)# and then enter SEND. THe call will end and your phone will ring in a few seconds. Just pick up normally.
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